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Melbourne Kart Centre fires Arrows in 2012

01/11/12 | by Steve [mail] | Categories: Melbourne Kart Centre

Melbourne Kart Centre fires Arrows in 2012

MKC is pleased to announce that the Arrow range of karts will now be sold from our Clayton South showroom. From Jan 1 2012 the range of Arrow karts has a new home at Melbourne Kart Centre and the crew at MKC couldn’t be happier. MKC Manager and Race director Roger Polak explains:

”This has been a big move for us. Unlike many kart shops, we haven’t made a brand swap since we began in 2003. So after in depth talks with Drew Price and Steve Johnson at DPE the marriage was made and we couldn’t be happier!”

“Both Arrow Karts and MKC have the view that kart shops need to jump to a new level of service and a new level of support for the customer. And that is exactly what will happen in 2012. It is our desire to work very closely with the Arrow factory to get the best out of the karts for everyone. That means passing on our testing results and the on track work of Arrow straight to the karter.”

MKC has a long history of karting competition and results. The shop has supported and produced many Australian and state champions. Roger continues;

“We have had an Australian Champion from MKC in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and in 2011 with Jake Spencer and the JAM Team run by our chief mechanic Josh Brooker. It’s been excellent, but we can also build on those results. We see the teaming of MKC with Arrow as a time to  move on forward and do better.”

So, what of the obvious question of the MKC involvement with Kosmic and for that matter Monaco karts and Remo Racing.

“The thing is, I have been a long time friend on a personal level with Remo Luciani and the Remo Racing brand”, states Roger. “And I am very happy about Remo’s support of the MKC  shift to Arrow karts. He knows we still support him and Drew Price has made it clear that he sees a future that brings all of the best karting products under one roof. That is what this will be all about.”

But beyond all of this, MKC mainly wants to bring service and value to the karter.

“Things are somewhat tight for most people in the community at the moment and we get that. It affects us too. But at the end of the day we just all want to go racing and share the passion and fun of the sport. At MKC with Arrow karts, Kosmic karts, MKC engines and our small group of dedicated staff, we should be able to have some top fun this year and win a few things too. Sounds ok to me!”

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